by Lee Jackson

LEE JACKSON is an author and historian with an abiding interest in the social history and geography of Victorian London.

He is the creator of the website The Dictionary of Victorian London, a massive compilation of primary sources charting the social history of the nineteenth century metropolis.

His last non-fiction book Dirty Old London (Yale, 2014) was described by The Times as 'a tightly argued, meticulously researched history of sanitation that reads like a novel'; and by the New York Times as 'utterly engrossing'. His forthcoming book Palaces of Pleasure (Yale, 2019) will examine the Victorians' invention of mass entertainment. Chapters focus on the gin palace, music hall, dance halls, pleasure gardens, exhibitions, football and the seaside.

Lee is currently beginning a PhD at Royal Holloway University, in conjunction with the Dickens Museum, entitled Dickensland. This will examine both the evolution of "Dickens' London" as an imaginative space and its importance to contemporary Dickensian literary/heritage tourism.   |