I regularly get asked questions about the site and Victorian London. Please feel free to email me with anything, although the FAQs below give some idea of what I can answer, and what I can't.

What is all this? Who are you?

This site is simply a resource for anyone interested in how life was lived in Victorian London.

I am an author and librarian, a little obsessed with the Victorian city. [For little bit more about me, click here.] Perhaps that explains why I have started on this rather vast project. Of course, it will never approach being a comprehensive resource, but I think it will still be interesting and useful, especially as it grows bigger.

If you have any suggestions, questions or offers of help (!) ... please contact me.

Lee Jackson  

Can you help me find where my relatives lived in Victorian London?

By all means ask me questions; if I know of information on my site or the Internet which might help, I will happily tell you.

I am researching a TV programme, Film, Play etc. on a Victorian topic; can you advise?

By all means ask me. If I can answer a question, I will. If not, I will try and suggest a web site or mailing list where you can find out more.

I have an antique object made in London; can you tell me something about it?

You can ask, but its very unlikely, unless it is some general query about how objects were used in the Victorian period. I am not an antiques dealer.

Where can I find pictures of a particular street, building or house?

See the Buildings, Districts, and Entertainment - Museums section of my site for famous buildings and areas. I am adding lots of photographs as the site progresses. If you are looking for pictures of a less famous road, the best bet is probably the nearest local history library; I can advise on locations of libraries, if you are stuck.

I have this essay for school/college ... eg. How does Dickens portray children in his work?

I cannot supply answers to essay questions. If there is something on my site on a particular topic, I will happily tell you, but that's as far as it goes.