The Mesmerist's Apprentice


"When the butcher supplying Sarah Tanner's Dining and Coffee Rooms is accused of selling horse meat, and her premises are mobbed by a gang of leering youths, the feisty proprietress sets out on the trail of her persecutors. 
    Her sleuthing brings her to the offices of the sot lawyer Willmott, whose clerk, one of the aforementioned gang, is pilfering and peddling dusty legal papers while the guv'nor snoozes.
    The plot clots when Sarah's former lover asks her for help with his aged mother and sick father, whom he believes are being duped by their nurse. She turns out to be moonlighting as an assistant to a practitioner of the drawing-room science of Mesmerism.
   As ever, these seemingly unconnected events are strands of the same mystery, but L M Jackson is deft with his dovetailing, and it is a pleasure to follow Sarah as she outfoxes the villains."

Daily Telegraph, 29th March, 2008

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