Victorian London - Buildings, Monuments and Museums - Hudson's Bay Company's Hall

HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY'S HALL, Fenchurch-street, is a handsome edifice, with an interesting collection of Curiosities from the countries to which the Company trade by barter and otherwise, for rich furs, skins; &c., sold here in spring and autumn. The Company was incorporated by Charles II. in 1670. Their hunting-ground extends from Hudson's Bay to the Pacific, and from the United States' frontier to the Arctic Sea. In the Hall is a vast pair of horns of the Moose Deer, weighing 56 lbs.; amid in another room, the picture of an Elk, the European Moose, killed in the presence of Charles XI. of Sweden: it weighed 1229 lbs.

source: John Timbs, Curiosities of London, 1867