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Volume 1


HOW TO MAKE A WHEEL OF FORTUNE FOR small children's parties and for fancy bazaars, wheels of fortune are often in request. A small old muff-box is a very good thing to use for making a wheel of fortune. Sew it together if torn. Take the lid off and the top out of the lid. Sew this on to the box. Cut a small square out of the box on one side, just large enough to admit the hand. Entirely cover the box and the square cut out with coloured paper. The square must be covered both sides. The box must have a straight piece pasted round it, and turned down at the ends, and over this, at the ends, two rounds of paper pasted on. Scarlet morocco paper is the best to use, or yellow morocco paper. Cut out the paper covering the hole when the paste is dry. Bind the hole and the square of card both round with ribbon of one colour. Fix the square to the top of the hole with a ribbon bow. At the opposite side sew a loop of elastic under a bow of ribbon to the square and a nook on the box, over which the loop can be fastened to shut the door over the hole. For the stand, a square of wood larger than the round is needed. Get two bill-files £ those without wooden ends, but only wire rings, are best £ nail these down to the two ends of the piece of wood with tin tacks, so that they can have the hooks thrust through the sides of the barrel, and that it can turn on them. Before adding the barrel, however, cut strips of the paper and cover the wires of the bill-files spirally, and run gold paper at distances over this ; then cover the stand with the morocco paper, and put handsome bows of ribbon on each of the hooks of the files, just to hide the hole in the barrel. Both barrel and stand may be ornamented with gold. Strips of embossed gold paper laid on both a little way in from the edges, and stars or other objects stamped in gold tinsel, may be used according to fancy. When a muff-box cannot be had, make the barrel of bonnet board, cutting the round ends by a bow pencil or a cheese-plate. To use the wheel, fill it inside with square inches of card, blank and figured. Hold the stand with the hands on the table. Whilst the company gently turn the barrel by a playful stroke, open the door and draw. It must not be used roughly, of course. We fix it on the table by the help of a screw pin-cushion.

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source: Cassells Household Guide, c.1880s