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from The Illustrated London News, 1843

The Infant Orphan Asylum at Dalston, near Hackney, was instituted in the year 1827, for the reception of children from the age of three months to seven years, without distinction of sex or place. It is the only public charity of its kind, and it acts as a public nursery to all those invaluable institutions which receive the fatherless after seven years of age; 120 infants are now on the foundation, and the numbers increase porportionately with the half-yearly elections.

Mogg's New Picture of London and Visitor's Guide to it Sights, 1844

INFANT ORPHAN ASYLUM, WANSTEAD. Office, 46, Ludgate Hill. Instituted 1827, and open to candidates from all parts of the empire. Annual subscription, entitling the donor to one vote at each election, 10s 6d; to two votes, 1l. 1s. Life subscription, entitling to the same privilege, 5l. 5s.; to two votes, 10l.10s. The first stone of the present Asylum (in the Tudor style of architecture, Scott and Moffatt, architects) was laid by Prince Albert, July 24th, 1841. The Asylum, including a chapel, has room for 400 children. Orphans are boarded, clothed, nursed, and educated here from the veriest infancy till the age of seven. Half-yearly elections in April and October. The "New Infant Orphan Asylum" is at Stamford Hill.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850

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Infant Orphan Asylum, 1887 [ILN Picture Library]