Victorian London - Charities - Missions to Seamen

Missions to Seamen, 11, Buckingham-street, Strand, London - The following are the objects and regulations of the society: The object of th e society is the spiritual welfare of the seafaring classes at home and abroad. In pursuance of this object, the society uses every means con sistent with the principles and received practice of the Church of England. The operations of the society are, for the most part, carried on afloat, and for this purpose its chaplains and scripture readers are, as far as possible, provided with vessels and boats for visiting the ships in roadsteads, rivers, and harbours.
    A little circular issued to sailors by the society says: "Seamen who wish to find a real friend in the seaport in which they anchor should call upon the agents of the Missions to Seamen, in whom they will always find true sailors' friends, ready to sympathise in their religious difficulties; and they will always find a warm welcome at the churches and Sunday services given below."
    The list of London churches referred to is as follows: 
    London Docks, E.: St. Paul's Vicarage, Dock - street; the Sailors' Home, Well - street, daily. On Sundays, St. Paul's Church for Seamen, Dock-street, at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.; or foreign services at the schools, Wellclose-square, at 11 and 3.
    Limehouse, E. : Limehouse Church, 11, 3 and 7.
    Poplar, E.: Poplar Church, 11, 3 and 7.
    Millwall Docks, E.: St. Luke's Vicarage; the Sailors' Mission. room, St. Luke's Schools, daily. St. Luke's Church, Stratford- street, at 11 and 7.
    Victoria Docks, E.: St. Luke's Parsonage, Morton House; St. Matthew's at 6.30; St. Luke's, Tidal Basin, at 11 and 6.30.
    Rotherhithe,S.E.: Trinity Church, at 10.45 and 6.30.
    Deptford, SE.: St. Nicholas's Church, at 11 and 6.30.
    Greenwich, S.E.: St. Peter's Church, at 11 and 6.30.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of the Thames, 1881