Victorian London - Charities - Young Women's Christian Association

YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, 26, George-st, Hanover-sq, W. - This Association, whose membership now amounts to 90,000, with 1,300 branches, has for its objects the promotion of the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical welfare of all young women, and to afford protection where needed. Individual members can by a system of transfer claim membership privileges wherever they go. These include, in the larger centres - 
    HOMES.- Residential and holiday; about 200 in the British Isles, with accommodation for several thousand.
    INSTITUTIONS AND EVENING CLUBS, with social advantages, educational and recreative classes.
    BIBLE CLASSES, upwards of 2,000 held weekly.
    GYMNASIUMS under trained women teachers.
    RESTAURANTS providing dinners and teas at low prices under comfortable conditions.
    EMPLOYMENT REGISTRIES, business and domestic.
   THE PUBLICATIONS are Our Outlook, 1d. monthly; Our Own Gazette, 1d. monthly.
    By giving due notice a girl can be met at any dock or station through the Traveller's Aid Society; and there are special agencies for the use of nurses, teachers, factory girls, fisher-girls and girls of leisure.
    Junior members are admitted under 14 years of age.
    The total membership of the world's Y.W.C.A. is approximately 450,000.
    All communications to the Secretary, Miss Thorold. 

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(no date; based on internal evidence)