Victorian London - Childhood - Childrens' Homes - Dr. Stephenson's Children's Home

    Dr. Stephenson’s Children’s Home, at Victoria Park, is one amongst many others engaged in giving a fresh start in life to many a destitute and friendless boy or girl. We hope many of our little readers give or collect money for this excellent institution. In these Homes everything that can be done is done to enable the children to overcome their bad habits, and to fit them for some useful occupation when they leave the Home. Industry and intelligence, order and cleanliness, cheerfulness and activity, are encouraged; religion is inculcated; and the whole discipline through which the children pass cultivates and improves them so much, that it is difficult to recognise in these sturdy, active, intelligent boys and girls leaving the Home, the pale-faced, poor, neglected ones who en­tered it some years before. Many more lives would be brightened, if people, seeing how much we are all benefited by this work of rescue, would give of their charity. All can help by prayer and effort.

Uncle Jonathan, Walks in and Around London, 1895 (3 ed.)