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OH! DO, PAPA, BUY ME PETER PARLEY’s ANNUAL. It is the boy’s old friend, and is full of good stories, almanack, calendar, with diary memorandum-book for the use of every boy in the world. It is only 5s. and unquestionably the best book for boys. See opinions of the press. W.Kent and Co., Paternoster Row, London and of all booksellers.

advertisment from the Times, 9 December, 1865

The Wonderful Electric Toy. The Merry Mountebanks go through their Grotesque Gambols without the aid of strngs, wire or Springs, the Motive Power being Electricity. Price 1s 6d. Carriage free for thirty stamps. H.G.Clarke & Co., 2, Garrick Street, Covent Garden.

advertisement from the Illustrated London News, 1868

THE MAGIC SAILOR, which will, when placed on the ground, commence dancing to any tune astounding all present. Post free for 14 stamps. H.G. CLARKE and Co., 2 Garrick Street, Covent Garden.

MRS BROWN - The Funny Little Vanishing Woman. A most laughable and amusing trick. Post free for 20 stamps. Catalogue of tricks, 1 stamp. H.G. CLARKE and Co., 2 Garrick Street, Covent Garden.

advertisements in The Graphic, 1875

FIVE BUNDLES of STICKS, and How to Use Them
ELECTRIC SPIDERS that Resent being Trod Upon
A SNAKE in the GRASS, the Scientific Mystery. Caution - Not the L.S. Company's
FAIRY INCANTATIONS, or Transformation Scene
THE FUNNY WRESTLERS - The Lover Link - Wheel of Life - Optic Gyrator - Conjuring for Ladies - A Star to Puzzle Wise Men - &c. Most astounding guinea's worth (wide public press). Sent free on receipt of post office order payable to R. DUGWELL, toy importer, 97 New Road, Whitechapel, London. E. City depot, Steven's Model Dockyard, 22 Aldgate.

advertisement from the Times, 187?

GAMES for WINTER EVENINGS - - BAGATELLE and BILLIARD TABLES, Chess, draughts, dominoes, Pope Joan, bezique, check, volunteers, race, drole, loto, table croquet, calabranella, the new cabinet of games, and an unrivalled variety at CREMER, jun.'s game warehouse. 210 Regent Street.

advertisement from the Times, 187?