Victorian London - Clothing - Gentlemen's outfits


dress1.gif (414863 bytes) Evening Dress Suits; Morning Coat; Covert Coat; Inverness; Reefers; Kimberley Hat; Chesterfields; Waverley Hat; Lounge Suits




dress2.gif (511279 bytes) Reefers; Waverley Hat; Morning Coat; Gladstone Bag; Lounge Suit; "Churchill" Waterproof; White Oxford Shirts; The "Honesty" Cycle; Cycling Outfit





dress4.gif (373352 bytes) Men's White Flannel Trousers (Cricket), The J.P. Lounge Suit, The Westminster, The "Cheapside" Sweater, The "City", Cycle Suit, Norfolk suit, Covert Coat, Four-Button Frock Coat




Municipal Journal and London, 1899 & 1900