Victorian London - Crime - Guns - Guns used in murders

The Times, October 25, 1876

MURDER - Last night a man named Marks murdered another named Barnard at Penton-place, Newington-Butts. Barnard, who carried on business at 91, Newington Butts, as umbrella manufacturer, had been a witness against Marks in a divorce case between him and his wife, and his evidence was material in obtaining a verdict for the wife. Yesterday afternoon Marks called at Barnard's house. Barnard, however, was absent attending to the planting of some flowers around the grave of his brother recently deceased. Marks appears to have waited about the neighbourhood till he met the unfortunate man in Penton-place, near his house, when he presented a revolver at his head and shot him dead in the open street. The murderer, after thus wreaking his revenge, deliberately gave himself into custody.

Times, October, 1876