Victorian London - Crime - Violence, murders and assaults - Murder in Walworth (James Sibley)

The Times, Monday, May 26, 1873

MURDER AND SUICIDE - Yesterday morning a murder and suicide were committed at 10, Charles-street, Brandon-street, Walworth. James Sibley, a jobbing builder, aged 48, who had lived in the house for some years, and whose demeanour had of late been very strange, attacked his wife while she preparing the dinner, and, taking up a carving-knife, cut her throat so severely that death must have been instantaneous. His children - five in number - ran out of the room and screamed for help, and the father, after a few moments' pause, went after them and wounded two in the arm. Stopping at the street door, he committed suicide by cutting his throat. The police having come up, the bodies were taken to the workhouse and the wounded children to the hospital.

Times, May, 1873