Victorian London - Crime - Violence and assault - vigilantes

LYNCH LAW IN ISLINGTON - Finding that the powers of the police are insufficient to check the rowdyism that has long been prevalent in Upper-street, Islington, on Sunday nights, a party of about twenty inhabitants, armed with canes, sallied out on the evening of the 6th and belaboured the roughs with so good an effect that the people returning from church were, to their agreeable surprise, allowed to walk home unmolested. The roughs were utterly astonished and beaten off by the unexpected attack, while the police were delighted with the vigorous display of civil force. A similar patrol is to be made on Sunday evening next. This vigorous action has apparently at length aroused Colonel Henderson, who has issued orders to his subordinates to adopt energetic measures for the preservation of the peace.

The Penny Illustrated Paper, 12 November 1870