Victorian London - Crime - Violence, murders and assaults - Murder in Wapping - Parker children

The Times, Monday, Nov 24, 1873

MURDER - Yesterday afternoon it was discovered that a murder had been committed at No.19 Chappuis-court, Old Gravel-lane, Wapping. The perpetrator of the deed is a man named Parker, aged about 35. He left home in the morning, telling a woman in the house he would return in a few minutes. She went upstairs soon afterwards to give the children, a boy and a girl, some food, and found both of them dead, their throats having been cut in a most brutal manner. The boy had been subject to paralysis, and the girl was a cripple. In the meantime the murderer went to the police-station and gave himself into custody. He took with him the knife with which the deed was committed. It appears that he had been in the employ of Messrs. Knight and Sons, soapboilers and candle-makers, but for some months had wanted work and bread. He assigns as a reason for the murder utter destitution and a repugnance to allow his children to become inmates of the workhouse. The loss of his wife some time ago seems to have preyed upon his mind. The inquest will be held today or to-morrow.

Times, November, 1873