Victorian London - Districts - Streets - Baker Street

BAKER STREET, PORTMAN SQUARE. Eminent Inhabitants. - Lord Camelford, (who fell in the duel with Best), at No. 64, in the year 1800. The Right Hon. Henry Grattan, the distinguished orator, died (1820) in No. -- Mrs Siddons, in Siddons House, looking into the Regent's Park, on the east side, at the top of the street; here she died, June 8th 1831.
"In 1817 Mrs Siddons took the lease of a house pleasantly situated, with an adjoining garden and small green, at the top of Upper Baker-street, on the right side towards the Regent's Park. Here she built an additional room for her modelling." - Campbell's Life of Mrs Siddons, p.300
Here at the "Bazaar in Baker-street," is the Wax-work Exhibition and Chamber of Horrors, well and widely known as Madame Tussauds. Admission, one shilling; Chamber of Horrors, sixpence additional. Mrs. Salmon's wax-work exhibition in Fleet-street (an attractive sight for a century and more) must have been a poor display compared to this.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850