Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Croydon"

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Croydon.—A favourite suburb with men of business, as affording plentiful means of communication with town, and especially with the City. It boasts of no fewer than five separate stations, known respectively as East, New, South, and West Croydon, and Addiscombe-rd, and is the meeting place of the Victoria and London-bridge branches of the Brighton Railway. It is also an assize town for Surrey, and has favourite race meet- ings. The situation, too is healthy, and though greatly built over is still within walking reach of the open country. Rents on the whole moderate. East Croydon, from London- bridge (17 min.) or Victoria (23 min.), 1st, 2/-, 3/6; 2nd, 1/6, 2/6; 3rd, -/10, 1/6; New Croydon, from London-bridge (35 min) or Victoria (46 min.); South Croydon, from London-bridge (40 min.) or Victoria (44 min.); West Croydon, from London-bridge (35 min.) or Victoria (33 min.); Addiscombe-road, from Charing-cross (49 min.), London- bridge, S.E.R. (33 min.), Cannon-street (37 min.) 1st, 1/6, 2/6; 2nd, 1/2, 1/9; 3rd -/10, 1/3. Crystal Palace, Sydenham. —About seven miles from London. Erected at a cost of nearly £1,500,000. The Palace and Grounds, which cover about 200 acres, were opened in 1854. Concerts, dramatic entertainments, flower-shows, shows of different kinds of live-stock, &c, are held annually, the charge for admission being usually one shilling, or by guinea season ticket. Fireworks during the summer season. The Aquarium is well stocked with choice specimens of fish. The Grounds are tastefully laid out with flowers, cascades and fountains. Reached by rail from London-bridge, Victoria, and Kensington (L.B. & S.C.R.), also from Moorgate-street Holborn, Ludgate-hill, and Victoria (L.C. & D.R.). Fares from Victoria, 1st, 1/3, 2/-. Kings-cross to High Level, 1st, 1/6, 2/-; 2nd, 1/-, 1/6; 3rd, -/9, 1/- Kensington 1st, 1/9, 2/6, 2nd, 1/4, 2/-; 3rd, -/10, 1/6. Return tickets, including admission, on 1/- days, 3/-, 2/3, 1/9.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879