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Market Court, High St. Kensington

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Kensington—This district, including Holland-park, lies between Kensington-gardens and the West London Railway, and has, for the most part, a gravelly soil. Relatively to the distance from “town,” rents are decidedly high, having risen considerably within the last few years. In point of health the top of Campden-hill is one of the choicest situations in London. The houses here are mostly rather small, but there are some of a good size. In the Holland-park district the houses run somewhat larger, though still, as a rule, of a moderate size. NEAREST Railway Stations, High-street, Kensington, Addison-road, Uxbridge-road, and Notting Hillgate; Omnibus Routes, Kensington-road and Uxbridge-road.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879