Victorian London - Districts - areas of London - Hammersmith

Hammersmith, London, S.W. - On the left bank, is chiefly remarkable on the river for The Mall, just above the bridge, which contains, besides some modern houses, a few remnants of the Anne and Georgian periods. Below bridge the bank is more commercial and less pleasing. A suspension bridge, with carriage road, spans the river at this point, and was for many years a favourite and cheap grand stand on the University Boat-race day. Regard for the public safety has induced the authorities to close it during the progress of the race. Hammersmith is the head-quarters of a number of rowing clubs, and Biffen's well-known boat-house is on the Mall-road. NEAREST Railway Stations, District and Metropolitan, Broadway; Omnibus Routes, Hammersmith, and Hammersmith and Barnes; Steamboat Pier, Hammersmith.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of the Thames, 1881