Victorian London - Districts - Streets - Waterloo Place


WATERLOO PLACE is a square space to the left of Pall Mall, and in the centre of it stands the Guards' Memorial, or Crimean Monument, erected to the memory of the 2,162 officers and soldiers of the Guards who were slain in the Russian War. A figure of Victory, with laurel wreath, surmounts a granite pedestal; below are figures of three Guardsmen, and a trophy of guns captured at Sebastopol. The names of Alma, Inkerman, and Sebastopol are inscribed at the side. Five other monuments are in the southern part of Waterloo Place, viz., statues of Lord Napier of Magdala, by Boehm; of Lord Clyde, by Marochetti; of Lord Lawrence, by Boehm; of Sir John Franklin by Noble; and Sir John Burgoyne, by Boehm.

George Birch, The Descriptive Album of London, c.1896