Victorian London - Education - Schools - Bluecoat School, Tothill Fields

BLUECOAT SCHOOL, TOTHILL FIELDS, (so called from the colour of the children's clothes), was founded for the benefit of the poor of the parishes of St. Margaret, Westminster, and St. John the Evangelist, Westminster. No child can be admitted, whose parents (or grandfather or grandmother, when the parents are dead) have not been resident one year at least in either of the parishes previous to the time of presentation, and who shall not be actually residing therein at the time of admission. No child admitted under the age of seven or above the age of ten. Only one child of a family an be admitted at the same time. An annual subscriber of 2 guineas or upwards is a governor of the school, and entitled (in rotation) to present a child for admission as vacancies arise.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850

[nb. Christ's Hospital also known as Bluecoat School?]