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The COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS, 42 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, an incorporated society of schoolmasters, which grants to qualified persons diplomas and certificates. Its examinations are held half-yearly; and also a general meeting of the members, to receive reports and audit of accounts. Its offices possess no architectural pretensions.

Cruchley's London in 1865 : A Handbook for Strangers, 1865 

PRECEPTORS, COLLEGE OF (the), 28, Bloomsbury-square, a proprietary institution, established 1847, to elevate the character of the profession of teachers, irrespective of distinctions of sects and parties; and to grant certificates and diplomas to candidates duly qualified, after examination.

John Timbs, Curiosities of London, 1867

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Preceptors, College of, 42, Queen-square, Bloomsbury. —The College of Preceptors was established in the year 1846, and incorporated by Royal Charter in the year 1849, “for the purpose of promoting sound learning and of advancing the interests of education, especially among the middle classes, by affording facilities to the teacher for acquiring a knowledge of his profession, and by providing for the periodical session of a competent board of examiners, to ascertain and give certificates of the acquirements and fitness for their office of persons engaged or desiring to be engaged in the education of youth.” With this view, the charter empowers the college to hold examinations of teachers and schools, and to grant diplomas and certificates to such persons as pass these examinations satisfactorily. To effect these objects, two plans of examination have been established: 1 That of teachers, to ascertain their qualifications and fitness to take part in the work of instruction. 2. That of pupils, to test their progress, and to afford at once to the teacher, and to the public, a satisfactory criterion of the value of the instruction they receive. The regulations of the examinations of candidates for diplomas and membership, and of pupils in schools, may be obtained on application to the secretary at the college.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879

College of Preceptors, 1887 [ILN Picture Library]