Victorian London - Education - Libraries - Dr. Williams's Library 

RED CROSS STREET, CRIPPLEGATE. Here is Dr. Williams's Library,, of 20,000 volumes, chiefly theological, founded by the Rev. Dr. Daniel Williams, an eminent Protestant dissenting minister, of the Presbyterian denomination; born at Wrexham, in Denbighshfre, 1644, and died in London 1716. The catalogue was printed in 2 vols 8vo, 1841. The library is open to respectable persons of every class on Monday,  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, in every week throughout the year, except Christmas and Whitsuntide weeks, and the  month of August. The hours are from 10 till 3 during November, December, January, and February; and from 10 till 4 during the rest of the year. The room will accommodate fifty readers, and books are even lent. There is an original portrait of Richard Baxter in the library, and a fine copy of the first folio edition of  Shakspeare.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850