Victorian London - Education - Schools - Guildhall School of Music

GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC (Map 8). - This school was established by the Corporation of the City of London for the purpose of providing the highest form of instruction in the art and science of music, at the lowest possible cost. All branches of music are taught by a large body of thoroughly competent professors, under the direction of Dr. W.H. Cummings. In addition to 200 given annually by the Corporation of London, several other exhibitions, ranging in value from 5 to 20, are offered for annual competition. In connexion with the school, the Guildhall Orchestral Society has been established for the practice and performance of high-class music. Forms of nomination which, when filled up, must be signed by a member of the Court of Common Council, may be obtained on application to the Secretary at the School, 16, Aldermanbury, E.C., where also tables of fees and all other particulars are supplied.

Charles Dickens Jr. et al, Dickens Dictionary of London, c.1908 edition
(no date; based on internal evidence)