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KING'S COLLEGE AND SCHOOL.  A proprietary institution, occupying the east wing of Somerset House, which was built up to receive it, having been before left incomplete. The College was founded in 1828, upon the following fundamental principle:- "That every system of general education for the youth of a Christian community ought to comprise instruction in the Christian religion as an indispensable part, without which the acquisition of other branches of knowledge will be conducive neither to the happiness of the individual nor the welfare of the state". The general education of the College is carried on in five departments: -1. Theological Department; 2. Department of General Literature and Science; 3. Department of the Applied Sciences; 4. Medical Department; 5. The School. Every person wishing to place a pupil in the school must produce, to the head-master, a certificate of good conduct, signed by his last instructor. The general age for admission is from nine to sixteen years of age. Rooms are provided within the walls of the College for the residence of a limited number of matriculated students. Each proprietor has the privilege of nominating two pupils to the School, or one to the School and one to the College at the same time. The Museum contains the Calculating Machine of Mr. Babbage, desposited by the Commissioners of the Woods and Forests; and the collection of Mechanical Models and Philosophical Instruments formed by George III, presented by Queen Victoria.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850

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King’s College School, Strand. In connection with Kings College.—The upper school is divided into two sides: (1) Classics, mathematics, and general literature; (2) Modern instruction. There are also a middle and a lower school which are preparatory to the upper divisions. The general age of admission is from 8 to 16 years. The fees for the whole regular course of instruction in either division, including stationery and use of books, amount to £8 per term for those entering under 16 years of age; £10 per term for those entering over 16 years of age. The entrance fees amount to £2 13s. 6d. Boys may be received as boarders. The terms for boarders may be learnt by application at the college office. All further information may be obtained of the Secretary, at the school. NEAREST Railway Station, Temple; Omnibus Route, Strand; Cab Rank, Catherine-st.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879

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