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ST. BARNABAS COLLEGE, Queen street, Pimlico, consists of a church, schools, and residentiary house for the clergy, built 1846-50, in the Pointed Early English style, Cundy, architect. The residentiary house is for clergymen who attend to the parochial duties of the district, minister in the church, teach in the schools, and superintend the twelve choristers. The schools were opened on St. Barnabas Day, 1847, and the church in 1850.  The freehold site of the College was given by the first Marquis of Westminster, and is in the poorest part of the district. The College was built by subscription, to which the Rev. W. J. E. Bennett, then incumbent of the district, contributed the bulk of his fortune, and the most zealous pastoral care. A "Home of Refuge, under the management of the clergy of the parish, is situated in the Commercial-road.-Davis's Knightsbridge, p. 253.

John Timbs, Curiosities of London, 1867