Victorian London - Entertainment and Recreation - Museums, Public Buildings and Galleries - list of art galleries, 1899

Agnew's New Art Gallery, 39b Old Bond Street, Piccadilly. 1s. including Catalogue.
Bridgwater House, Cleveland Place, Green Park - Magnificent collection of Paintings of the Earl of Ellesmere. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 10-4, by card, to be had from Mr. Mitchell, Old Bond Street, or Mr. Smith, 137, New Bond Street.
Cobham Hall, near Gravesend - Magnificent collection of Paintings. Shown on Fridays, 11-4, by ticket obtained at Caddell's Library, King Street, Gravesend.
Doré Gallery, 35 New Bond Street, - Daily 10 to 6. 1s.
Dudley Gallery, Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. - Admission, 1s.
Dulwich Gallery, near Railway Station, North Dulwich (from London Bridge, Ludgate Hill, or Victoria). - Daily, 10-5, April to October; 10-4 November to March. Free.
French Gallery, 120 Pall Mall. - Admission 1s.
Grafton Galleries, 8 Grafton Street - January to April.
Hanover Gallery, 47 New Bond Street, W.
Lemercier Gallery, 35 New Bond Street - Daily, 1s.
Long Gallery, 168 New Bond Street - Admission 1s.
National Gallery, Trafalgar Square. - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, 10-4,5 or 6. Free. Closed during October.
National Portrait Gallery, St. Martin's Place, Charing Cross.
New Gallery, Regent Street.
Raphael Gallery, 4 Cockspur Street - Open 10 to 6. 1s.
Royal Academy, Burlington House, Piccadilly. - Exhibition of Paintings, May to July. Admission, 1s; evening 6d.
Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, Piccadilly, W. April to July, 1s.
Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours, 5a Pall Mall, E. - Admission 1s.
Society of British Artists, 6 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East. - Admission, 1s.

J.G. Bartholomew, The Pocket Atlas and Guide to London, 1899