Victorian London - Entertainment and Recreation - Clubs - Bachelors' Club

BACHELORS' CLUB, 7 and 8 Hamilton-pl, W. - Established in 1881 under the presidency of H.R.H. the late Duke of Albany. Members may continue to belong to the club after marriage, as hon. members, on payment of 25, and the usual annual subscription; the president, however, for the time being not being required to resign on ceasing to be a bachelor. Management by the Committee, in whom is also vested the election of members, which is determined by ballot, two black balls excluding in a quorum of nine. Members have the privilege of introducing their friends (ladies or gentlemen) as visitors, special rooms being set aside for their reception. Entrance fee 31 10s; annual subscription, 10 10s.

Charles Dickens Jr. et al, Dickens Dictionary of London, c.1908 edition
(no date; based on internal evidence)