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Britannia Theatre, Hoxton Old Town; proprietor, Mrs. Lane. Melodrama, farce and pantomime. 2s, 1s. 6d, 3d.

Routledge's Popular Guide to London, [c.1873]

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Britannia Theatre, Hoxton-street, Hoxton.—An unusually well built theatre, and, apart from any critical estimate of the performances, one of the sights which a visitor should on no account miss seeing. There is very little attempt at decoration, the brick wall left bare. But the shape of the building is perfect, there not being a single seat from pit to gallery which does not command a good view of the stage. This latter, too, is one of the most commodious in London. The performances are, of course, not of the West-end type, not being intended for a West-end audience. But they are almost always good of their kind. The great point of interest for the visitor is the audience itself; and the general arrangements in front, all intended for the accommodation of those accustomed to the penny rather than the pound as the basis of their calculations, are well worth noting. NEAREST Railway Station, Shoreditch (N.L.); Omnibus Routes, Kingsland-road, Pitfield-street, and Old-street, St. Luke’s. 

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879