Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Turf Club"

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Turf Club, Piccadilly.  Formerly the Arlington Club. No special qualification. Each Member playing at whist, humbug, piquet, écarté, &c., shall, prior to leaving the club, pay to the porter 1s. 6d. If only two play, the charge to be 5s. Each member playing at dummy to pay 2s. Gentlemen calling for fresh cards must have two packs, which will be charged 5s. “The Laws of Whist,” edited by John Loraine Baldwin, were adopted in  1866. “The Laws of Piquet,” and “The Laws of Ecarte,” edited by H. Jones C. Cavendish, were adopted in 1873 and 1877. For the convenience of members, the committee engage a cashier, whose duty it is to settle the whist accounts between the members, but the club is not responsible for the acts of such whist cashier. The members leave their money in his hands on their own responsibility. The election is by ballot in committee, two black balls exclude. The entrance fee is £31 10s., and the subscription £15 15s.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879