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The ROYAL VETERINARY COLLEGE, Great College Street, Camden Town. This useful institution was established in 1791, with the object of increasing the knowledge of veterinary science, by affording facilities for regularly studying and teaching the anatomy of horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, and all kinds of quadrupeds; the investigation of diseases - to which they are liable, and the best discovered remedies. Every Tuesday evening, at six o'clock, an association is held in the Theatre of the College, for the discussion of subjects interesting to the members. Lectures are delivered daily. The stables are erected and arranged on scientific principles, and the extensive buildings are well divided. Numerous anatomical preparations (many very curious) - are exhibited in the Museum and the Theatre, for dissection and delivery of lectures.

Cruchley's London in 1865 : A Handbook for Strangers, 1865

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Veterinary College Museum, Great College-street, Camden-town. Admission daily from 9 till 5 in winter and 9 till 6 in summer, on presentation to the curator of visiting cards. The Museum contains 4,000 specimens of anatomy and diseases of domesticated animals.

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