Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Working Men's Clubs & Institutes"

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Working Men’s Clubs & Institutes.—The following are the principal Working Men’s Clubs and Institutes, with their object and terms of subscription, according to official returns furnished at the Editor’s request by the respective secretaries. The societies omitted are those from which his request for information has failed to elicit any reply:
BRYANSTON CLUB, 72, Seymour-place, W.—Aims at affording to working men the means of social intercourse, rational recreation, mental and moral improvement, as well as supplying bodily refreshment at moderate charges. Subscription: 1s. per month, 2s. 9d. per quarter, or 10s. per annum, to be paid in advance. Each new member pays on election an entrance fee of 1s. Each member must also pay a subscription of 6d. per year to the Working Men’s Club and Institute Union, which, with 3d. for an associate’s card on registration, entitles him to all the privileges of an associate of the Union.
BURDETT’ ROAD WORKMEN’S INSTITUTE, comer of Bagallay-street.—This institute has been formed to provide for the working men of the district opportunities for educational improvement and healthful recreation. Reading-room open every evening (Sundays excepted) from 7 to 10. Entrance fee, 6d.; weekly subscription, 1d.; annual subscription, 5s.
DUBLIN CASTLE WORKING MEN’S CLUB, 340, Commercial--road, E.—The objects of this club are to afford to the members the means of social intercourse, mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement, and rational recreation. Any person above the age of 18, on application to the secretary, may become a member of this club on payment of a month’s subscription, and purchasing a book of rules. The monthly subscription is 8d., to be paid in advance.
HOXTON WORKMEN’S CLUB COMPANY LIMITED, 44, New North-road—Object: The social intercourse of the members, and the formation of classes for improving the education of the working classes. Qualification: Any working man or mechanic is eligible who has attained the age of 20 years. Entrance fee, 1s., and 1s. per month subscription, or 10s. 6d. per year.
JEWISH WORKING MEN’S CLUB AND INSTITUTE.—The objects of the institute are to afford to the Jewish industrial classes opportunities for social intercourse, mental and moral culture, and rational recreation. Any Jewish person (males above the age of 20, females above the age of 16) may heroine a member of the institution by enrolling his or her name, age, address, and occupation, and by paying the first month’s subscription in advance, and an entrance fee of 6d., the committee basin power to reject any person whose admission in their opinion would be detrimental to the interests o the institution. Subscription, 6d per month, 1s. 6d. per quarter 2s. 6d. per half-year, or 4s. 6d. per annum, payable in advance.
MILLBANK CLUB AND INSTITUTE, West Ferry-road, E. —A working man’s club primarily for the dockyard employés of the neighbourhood, but open to all. Candidates must be proposed the usual way by two members of the club. Entrance fee, 1s. Subscription, 2d. per week, or 2s. per quarter.
PEMBROKE CLUB, 287, City-road, E.C.—Object: Social intercourse, amusement, and instruction. On temperance principles. Qualification: General respectability. No entrance fee. Subscription 2s. per quarter.
ST. GEORGE THE MARTYR WORKING MEN’S CLUB, Mission House, Great Ormond-yard.—The objects of this society are to afford to the members the means of social intercourse, mutual help, mental and moral improvement, and rational recreation. The club is not identified with any political party. Gambling and the use of intoxicating drinks are not allowed. Any person above the age of 18 on application to the committee or to the responsible officer appointed for the purpose, by making such payments as are stated below, and agreeing to abide by the rules, may be enrolled a member of the club. All candidates for membership must be proposed and seconded by two members of the club. Any person paying an annual subscription of 10s. and upwards, or making a donation of £5 and upwards, shall be admitted an honorary member, with all the right of ordinary members; and wherever the word members is used in the rules it shall apply equally to honorary members elected under this rule. Member’s subscription, which must be paid in advance, 8d. per month, 2s. per quarter, or 8s. per annum. Entrance fee, 6d., which includes the cost of subscription-card and a copy of the rules. When a member is elected in the last week of a month his first subscription clears him for the ensuing month.
ST. JAMES’S AND SOHO WORKING MEN’S CLUB AND INSTITUTE, 39, Gerard-street, Soho.—Object: To provide for working men the means of social intercourse, mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement, and rational recreation. Qualification: Respectability and agreement to abide by the rules of the club. Entrance fee, 1s. 1d., subscription, 1s. 1d. per month, 3s. per quarter, or 10s. per annum.
SOUTH LONDON WORKING MEN’S INSTITUTE, 146, Black friars-road, S.E.—Object: The improvement of the members. Qualification: Payment of subscription, 1s. per quarter. No entrance fee.
WORKING MEN’S CLUB AND INSTITUTE, Cheek-street, Deptford.—Object: To afford social and instructive amusements to working men in the shape of newspapers, history, light literature discussions on social and topical subjects, lectures, concerts, &c., games of all kinds, athletic sports, rowing club. - Qualification: A working man, bona fide (not those who pretend to be above that class), who must be proposed and seconded by two paid-up members who know him, and then, if accepted by the committee, he becomes a member. No entrance fee. Subscription, 5s. annual, or 6d. per month.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879