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GALLERY OF ILLUSTRATION, 14, Regent Street. Waterloo Place. Pall Mall.---The proprietors have a beautiful new Diorama of our Native Land, illustrative of England and its Seasons, in which they have endeavoured to depict the amusements and employments of a country during the several varieties of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The husbandman will be found pursuing his useful toil from seed time to harvest; his occupation in the field from the earliest budding spring to the gathering of the ripe golden crops; his more serious duties, his church and his God, form prominent features in the illustration; the sports of the field. pertaining to the higher classes, as followed by them in the beginning of the eighteenth century the peasant's pastime, his may-pole and rustic dance, enjoyed after the labour of the day, are not omitted. This diorama, totally independent of the OVerland Route to India, is exhibited is the lower gallery, accompanied with selections of nature, that so abound in the British poems. and have continued down from "The Flower and the Leaf" of Chaucer to modern times. The grand moving diorama of the Overland Route to India still continues to be exhibited daily at 12, 3, and 8 o'clock.

London Exhibited in 1852

ROYAL GALLERY OF ILLUSTRATION, 14, Regent-street. War with Russia - The Diorama, illustrating Events of the War, including Battle of the Alma - Pictorial Map of Sebastopol - Entrenchment of the Allies - Balaklava, &c. The lecture by Mr. STOCQUELER (with description and diagrams of bastions, parapets, gabions, fascines, miniť rifles, revolvers, &c.) daily, at 3 and 8. Admission, 1s., 2s., and 3s.

advertisement from The Times, December 16, 1854

GALLERY OF ILLUSTRATION, 14 Regent Street. This gallery is open for the illustration of character from real life. The performers are Mr. and Mrs. German Reed, and Mr. John Parry; and the entertainment, which is partly musical, consists of two pieces, and a descriptive Song by Mr. John Parry. It has been established many years, and is one of the most popular and fashionable places of recreation in the Metropolis. Prices of admission: Stall chairs, 5s.; stalls, 3s. ; unreserved seats, 2s., 1s.

Cruchley's London in 1865 : A Handbook for Strangers, 1865