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SAVOY THEATRE. Sole Lessee and Manager Mrs. D'Oyley Carte. This theatre was built by Mr. D'Oyley Carte from designs by Mr. C. J. Phipps, mainly for the performance of the Gilbert and Sullivan form of comic opera, which has been so popular during the last few years. The theatre, which is of fair size, adjoins the palatial Savoy Hotel, and is one of the most convenient and most elegantly decorated houses in London. The Savoy Theatre enjoys the distinction of having been the first theatre in London - if not in the world - to be lighted throughout by the electric light, and the experiment proved a most signal success. It was first opened on Monday, October 10, 1881, with Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience," which had already enjoyed a long and successful career at the Opera Comique, and with but a short break the same ever-popular comic operas still attract "full houses" every night. NEAREST Ry. Stns. Charing + (Dist. & S.E.) and Strand (Underground Electric); Omnibus Rte., Strand; Cab Rank, Burleigh-st.

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