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GOLF.-The following is a list of Golf Clubs and their courses in the London district, where visitors can play, the usual charge being 1s. to 2s. 6d. per day, also per month, and 10s. per week. Letters to the secretaries will get further particulars as to introduction, etc.
    Acton, W. The Club House, East Acton. 18 holes.
    Ashford Manor, 17 miles from Waterloo. 18 holes.
    Banstead Downs, (gentlemen and ladies). 18 holes. Station, Belmont, Surrey.
    Beckenham. Station, Woodside (SE. & CR.).
    Bromley and Bickley. 18 holes. By introduction.
    Bushey Hall. 18 holes. Station, Watford (L. & N.W.R.).
    Camden-pl, Chislehurst (gentlemen and ladies), 18 holes. By introduction. Station, Chislehurst, ½ mile.
    Chipstead. Station, Chipstead.
    Claygate (Surrey), 15 miles from London by L. & S.W.R. from Waterloo.
    Dulwich and Sydenham. 9 holes. Station, Lordship-la and Sydenham-hill (10 min).
    Ealing, 18 holes. By introduction. Stations, Ealing Broadway (G.W.R.), 1¼ mile; West Ealing (G.W.R.), a mile.
    Edgware. 18 holes. Stations, Edgware (G.N.R.), ½mile; Stanmore (L. & N.W.), a mile.
    Eltham (Kent). 18 holes. On introduction. Station, Eltham, Charing + or Cannon-st (SE. & CR.).
    Enfield. 18 holes. Station, Enfield (G.N.R.), 7 min.; Enfield Town (G.E.R.), 15 min.
    Epping Forest (Royal). 18 holes. Station, Chingford (G.E.R.,) 3 min.
    Epsom. 18 holes. Station, Epsom Downs.
    Finchley. 9 holes. By introduction. Station, Church End, Finchley (G.N.R), ½ mile.
    Fullwell (Middlesex), gentlemen and ladies, 18 holes. Station, Fullwell (L. & S.W.R.), 12½ miles from town.
    Hampstead. 9 holes. By introduction. Station, Hampstead (Underground Electric), ½ mile.
    Hanger Hill (Middlesex). Introduction by member or letter from sec. of another Golf Club. Stations, Ealing Broadway (G.W.R.), and Dial. Electric Ry. Also for ladies.
    Harewood Downs (Bucks). 18 holes. Station, Chalfont-rd (from Great Central and Met., 31 min.).
    Hendon (Middlesex). 18 holes. Station, Mill-hill (G.N.R.).
    Highgate, N. 18 holes. Station, Highgate (G.N.R.).
    Home-pk (Surrey). 18 holes. Surbiton and Hampton-ct, ¾ mile.
    Honor Oak and Forest-hill (Surrey). 9 holes. Stations, Honor Oak (SE. & CR.).
    Mid-Surrey (Old Deer-pk, Richmond). 18 holes. Visitors to be introduced. Also for ladies
    Molesey Hurst. 18 holes. Station, Hampton~ct, ¾ mile.
    Muswell-hill. 18 holes. Station, Alexandra Palace, ½ mile; Wood Green,¾ mile (G.N.R.).Also for ladies.
    Neasden (Middlesex). 18 holes. Station, Neasden, 6 minutes' walk.
    Norbury (Surrey). 9 holes. Station, Norbury (L.B. & S.C.R.).
    North Kent, new course. 27 holes. Station, Bexley, 1¾ miles.
    North Middlesex. 18 holes. Stations, Woodside-pk or Totteridge (G.N.R.), a mile from links.
    North Surrey, Norbury, gentlemen and ladies. Station, Norbury, LB. & S.C.R.
    Northwood (Middlesex). Station, Northwood (Met. via Baker-st & G.C.R.), said to be one of the best courses within reach of London.
    Prince's, Mitcham (Surrey). 18 holes. Mitcham Junction. Also for ladies. Visitors only allowed when accompanied by a member.
    Purley Downs (Surrey). 18 holes. Stations, Sanderstead (½ mile), and Purley Oaks  (½ mile)
    Raynes-pk (Surrey). 18 holes. Station, Raynes-pk  (L. & S.W.R.).
    Richmond (Surrey). 18 holes. By personal introduction of a member. Stations, Richmond (L. & S.W.R., and Dist. Ry.).
    Romford (Essex). 18 holes. Station, Romford (G.E.R.), 1 mile.
    Royal Blackheath. By introduction from member. 
    Royal Wimbledon. 18 holes. Station, Wimbledon (L. & S.W.R. and Dist. Rys.), 1¼ miles.
    South Herts (Totteridge) 18 holes. Station, Totteridge 10 minutes.
    Stanmore (Middlesex). 18 holes. Station, Stanmore (L. & N.W.R.). 
    Strawberry-hill (Middlesex). 9 holes. Station, Strawberry-hill (L. & S.W.R.).
    Sundridge-pk. 18 holes gentlemen ; 9 holes, ladies. By introduction of member.
    Surbiton (Surrey). 18 holes. Station, Surbiton (L. & S.W.R.  (2¼ miles).
    Waltham Cross (Nazeing Common). 18 holes. Station, Broxbourne, 3 miles.
    Walton-on-Thames (Burhill Club). Two 18-hole courses. Gentlemen and ladies. Station, 1¾ miles. Club omnibus.
    Wembley (Middlesex). 18 holes. On introduction by member. Also for ladies. Station, Wembley-pk (Met. Ry.) 8 min.
    West Drayton (Middlesex). 18 holes. Member's introduction. Station, West Drayton (G.W.R.),  3 min.
    West Essex. 18 holes. Station, Chingford (G.E.R.),  ½mile. This course is on high ground.
    West Middlesex (Hanwell). 18 holes. Stations, Southall and Hanwell (G.W.R.).
    Wimbledon-pk. 18 holes. By member's introduction. Station, Wimbledon-pk (L. & SW. and Dist. Rys.).
    Woodford (Essex). 9 holes. Station, Woodford (G.E.R.).

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(no date; based on internal evidence)