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HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. Established 1804, and incorporated by Royal Charter, 1809; office, 21, REGENT STREET. This society has three exhibitions every year, in May, June, and July, at its gardens at Chiswick, and distributes medals for the best flowers and fruit shown at each exhibition. The highest prize is the Certificate of Honour, worth about 20l.; large gold Knightian medal, valued at 15l.; the gold Knightian, at 10l.; and the gold Banksian, at 7l. There are smaller prizes, and all persons, whether Fellows of the Society or not, are at liberty to send subjects for exhibition. There are three classes. Class I - Flowers: for which nurserymen and private growers exhibit independently of each other. Class II - Flowers: for which all persons are admitted to equal competition. Class III - Fruit : for which market-gardeners, fruiterers, or other persons in the habit of supplying the market, and private growers, exhibit independently of each other. Visitors to the exhibitions at Chiswick are admitted by tickets only, price 5s. each, to be obtained at 21, Regent-street, by the personal or written order of Fellows of the Society, previous to the day on which the exhibition takes place. Tickets taken on the day of exhibition are 7s 6d each. The May exhibition is the best for flowers; the June for the company; and the July for the fruit. Member's entrance fee, 6 guineas; annual subscription, 4 guineas. The gardens at Chiswick are open from 9 o'clock every day, except Sunday, and visitors are introduced either personally or by an order from a Fellow. Meetings are held in Regent-street on certain Tuesdays in the year, at which prizes are also awarded.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850