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LAURENT's CASINO, ROYAL ADELAIDE GALLERY. - The public is respectfully informed that this establishment will be opened on Monday, October the 5th, with GRANDES SOIREES MUSICALES and DANSANTES. The orchestra has been most carefulyl selected. Solo performers - Messrs. Patey, Carte, Gratton, Cooke, Laurent, Streatham, Maycock, Winterbottom, Stanten, Jones, Sedgwick, &c. Vocalists - Miss Clairton, Messrs. Sharp, Binge and Roe. Conductor, M. Laurent, jun. The proprietor, in consequence of the extraordinary increase of popularity for the terpsichorean art, has determined to afford the public an opportunity of having, during the winter, the means of enjoying la danse, and will, after the concert, present them with a bal paré d'hiver. To ensure the good order of the dances, and their being conducted in a manner perfectly unique, he has secured the services of six masters of the ceremonies. The refreshments will be of the most recherché description, with every regard to economy in the prices. Full particulars will be duly announced. Admission 1s.

advertisement from The Times, October 2, 1846

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Such an entertainment as that afforded by Laurent's Casino had never been seen before in London. The hall was fairly large, and handsomely decorated; the band, led by young Laurent, and with a wonderful performer on the cornet, named Arban, played the liveliest tunes and kept superb time; and amongst the light refreshments was to be found the then recently imported sherry-cobbler - in itself a source of delight to thirsty dancers, who, as ball beverages, had hitherto found nothing between nasty negus and fiery champagne. Laurent's Casino, no doubt for its novelty's sake, was visited by all kinds and conditions of men; it was altogether a quieter and more respectable place than the flaring flaunting Argyll Rooms into which it afterwards developed. 

Edmund Yates, His Recollections and Experiences, 1885
[chapter on 1847-1852]