Victorian London - Entertainment and Recreation - Zoo's and Menageries - Tower Menagerie

[the animals are] kept in a yard at the west entrance. A figure of a lion is over the door, and there is a bell at the side to call the keeper. The visitor pays a shilling here, for which the keeper shows him all the wild beasts, explaining their several histories. The principal of these, at present in the Tower, consist of lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, the laughing hyenas, the Spanish wolf, the ant-bear, and some mountain cats and racoons. Among them are, or latterly were, three royal hunting tigers, which are said to have belonged to a pack of the same kind kept by Tippo Sahib, with which he hunted beasts of prey. 

Sir Richard Phillips, Modern London, 1804

[menagerie was removed to Regent's Park in 1834]