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    ELECTRO BIOLOGY - The MARYLEBONE LITERARY and SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION, 17 Edward-street, Portman-square - Every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY EVENINGS - At the above Institution, Dr. DARLING and Mr. STONE will give a SERIES OF LECTURES, accompanying each with a series of EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIMENTS upon persons coming forward from the audience, who in a perfectly wakeful state will be deprived of the power of SPEECH, SIGHT, and HEARING, their voluntary motions controlled, and all their sensations. They will forget their own names, and declare that water tastes like vinegar, milk, brandy, or whatever the operator designates. - Commence at 8, doors open at half-past 7 ; and, to prevent interruption, will be closed at half-past 8 o'clock. - Admission: reserved seats, 2s ; back-ditto, 1s. 

advertisement from Daily News, 3rd April 1851

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