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The Times teems with the advertisements of individuals who are prepared to instruct the public in the mysteries of the Polka. Every Professor of the Terpsichorean art has got hold of a version of this dance, which he declares to be the only genuine edition. One has been to Paris on purpose to learn it; another has acquired it in Germany; and a third, a young lady, has been taught the dance by a Bohemian nobleman. We know that noblemen sometimes cut very odd capers; but fancy an English Peer going over to Germany to teach "Sir Roger de Coverley," or a Professor in one of our Universities visiting Bohemia for the purpose of introducing the College hornpipe.

Punch, Jan.-Jun. 1844

Victorian London - Publications - Humour - Punch - cartoon 56 - Manners and Customs of Ye Englyshe in 1849 No.2

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An "At Home", Ye Polka

Punch, Jan.-Jun. 1849