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Model of St. Peter's at Rome, The ... To this splendid specimen of modelling exhibited at 121 Pall Mall, all who are curious in such matters should pay a visit. Admission 2s. Catalogue 6d.

Grand Model of the Basilica, or Cathedral Church of St. Peter. at Rome. No 121 Pall Mall. - The Cathedral of St. Peter, at Rome, with its noble piazza and majestic colonnade, from its immense proportions and imposing appearance, forms so magnificent an object, that all who have either heard or read of it must naturally feel anxious to behold it. To those who cannot visit Rome itself, and gaze at the great original, a faithful model of that stupendous edifice, executed upon a scale sufficiently large to admit of a complete developement of its different parts, all of which are brought under the eye of the visitor, must prove a very interesting substitute. Such a work is the one now submitted to the public,-a model that represents not merely the exterior elevation, but unfolds to our view all the sumptuous and varied details of the interior ; every picture, statue, altar, pavement, ceiling, &c., having been imitated with the most minute form and proportion by M. Andrea Gambassinj, an accomplished artist of Tuscany. The scale on which it is executed is exactly one hundredth part of the original, and by an ingenious contrivance every part of the interior is exposed at will to the view of the spectator. The whole is constructed of a variety of oriental woods, the statues being delicately carved in ivory. As the great original transcends all other edifices in its massive grandeur, its admirable construction, and interest of its associations, so we may safely aver this artistical and highly wrought model is immeasurably superior to every work of art of a similar character, and consider Signor Gambassini eminently deserving of public patronage, for thus enabling those to appreciate the great work of Michael Angelo and his co-adjutors who have not an opportunity of visiting the Eternal City. Fourteen years were employed in the construction of the model. Admission 1s. Catalogue 6d.

Mogg's New Picture of London and Visitor's Guide to it Sights, 1844