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TOURISTS' GALLERY, Her Majesty's Concert Room, Haymarket. Mr. Charles Marshall's great moving Diorama has been many months in preparation, and has engaged the pencils of numerous eminent artists. English and foreign, from the most recent sketches, and illustrates the grand routes of a Tour through Europe, commencing with the departure of the "John Bull" steamer from the Tower of London for Hamburgh. Route through Germany. Prussia, Austria, Bavaria, and down the Danube to Constantinople. Route through Italy. - Passes of the Alps through Switzerland to Geneva. Route down the Rhine to Cologne, and home. The white cliffs of Britain. The diorama is accompanied by a descriptive lecture, including historical and statistical detaii, with appropriate music, which has been selected from the works of the first composers, and expressly arranged for the subject. Admission, 1s.; reserved seats, 2s. 6d.; stalls, 3s.; private boxes for parties and families, 10s. 6d., 15s., and 1l. 1s.

London Exhibited in 1852