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By desire of Viscount Morpeth, the Chief Commissioner of her Majesty's Woods and Forests, a Gymnasium has just been erected for the use of the public, near the foot of Primrose Hill, and was opened on Good Friday. The attendance was then but trifling, owing to the unfavourable weather; but on Easter Monday and Tuesday the spot was visited by many persons. The apparatus is inclosed and a keeper is in attendance to preserve order.
    The regulations to be observed by the public are inscribed upon a large board within the ground. Among these, no person is allowed to occupy any one part of the apparatus exclusively longer than fifteen minutes; any person wilfully damaging the apparatus will be prosecuted; use of gross or abusive language is to be punished by exclusion from the Gymnasium during that day; and the public are requested, by another regulation, to assist the keeper, if required, in maintaining order.

Illustrated London News, April 29, 1848