Victorian London - Entertainment and Recreation - Gardens and Spas - List of minor gardens


IN this list, which, though long, is not exhaustive, it is not practicable to do more than indicate the site and the approximate date. Many of these places were only small gardens attached to public-houses.


BLACK LION, Chelsea.-Church Street (formerly Church Lane), at the corner of Paulton Street (circa 1820).

ADMIRAL KEPPEL, Chelsea.-Now No. 77, Fulham Road. The gardens lay between Marlborough Road and Keppel Street, and extended to Albert Place at the back of the tavern (1790-1856).

MARLBOROUGH (afterwards WELLINGTON) GARDENS and Cricket Ground. - West end of Cadogan Street. The gardens and cricket field lay between Cadogan Street and Draycott Place, and part of the Guinness Trust Buildings in Marlborough Road are now on the site (circa 1794-1850, or later).

SIX BELLS, No. 197, King's Road, Chelsea.-Still preserves a small garden and bowling-green. (View in P. Norman's London Vanished, etc., p. 264.)

THE SWAN, Chelsea.-Old Swan House (No. 20, Embankment Gardens) is on part of the site (circa 1780-1873). (Blunt's Chelsea, p. 116; cf. p. 119 for the older Swan (circa 1780) in Chelsea.)

KENSINGTON.-Several small gardens: The King's Arms (early nineteenth century) ; White Horse to circa 1850 (now Holland Arms, No. 1, St. Mary Abbot's Terrace).

HOOP AND TOY, Brompton.-NOw No. 34, Thurloe Place, S.W. (circa 1833-1860).



For White Conduit House, Belvidere Tavern, Canonbury Tavern, Hornsey Wood House, Highbury Barn, and Kentish Town Assembly-House, see London Pleasure-Gardens, Group III.

THATCHED HOUSE, Islington. - Now No. 119, Essex Road (circa 1810-1830, or later).

THE THREE COMPASSES, Hornsey, by the New River (1824 and later). (Hone, Every-Day Book, ii., p. 1311; Sherington, Story of Hornsey, p. 43; Thorne's Environs, s.v. Hornsey.)

BULL AND GATE.- Now No. 389, Kentish Town Road (1801 and later).

CASTLE.- Now No. 147, Kentish Town Road. Garden site in Castle Place and Castle Terrace (circa 1830-1851).

HOXTON TEA-GARDENS, Britannia Saloon.-Now Britannia Theatre (1802-1841).

NORTH POLE, New North Road.-Now No. 190 (circa 1840). 

EDINBURGH CASTLE, Mornington Road, N.W.-Has still a small garden and a museum formed by Mr. T. G. Middlebrook (before 1838).

BEDFORD ARMS, High Street, Camden Town - Now Bedford Palace of Varieties. The gardens were between Arlington Street and High Street. May Terrace was built on the bowling-green (circa 1824 and later).

BRECKNOCK ARMS.- Now No. 227, Camden Road (circa 1839-1870). 

MOTHER RED CAP.- Now 174, High Street, Camden Town (from end of eighteenth century to early nineteenth century).

SOUTHAMPTON ARMS- Now No.  1, High Street, Camden Town (circa 1818-1849).

ABBEY TAVERN, St. John's Wood-Now No. 8, Violet Hill, Abbey Gardens, N.W. (from circa 1844).

EYRE ARMS, St. John's Wood - Now No. 1, Finchley Road. The space behind the tavern and the adjoining Wellington Hall is now Hannay's Riding-School (chiefly 1820 and 1830).

SWISS COTTAGE, St. John's Wood-Now 98, Finchley Road. Has still a small garden (circa 1844).

HAMPSTEAD.- The Spaniards (see London Pleasure Gardens, p. 184) ; Bull and Bush (still with a garden, recently celebrated in song - cf. Thorne's Handbook of Environs of. London, s.v. Hampstead) ; Jack Straw's Castle. 


BAGNIGGE WELLS, 1759-1841.-See London Pleasure-Gardens, Group I.; also for some other gardens of early nineteenth century.

CHERRY GARDENS, Clerkenwell.-South-west corner of Bowling-Green Lane (eighteenth century to circa 1852).

UNION TAVERN. - Now 2, King's Cross Road (circa 1844-1860).  


FALCON TAVERN.-East side of Bethnal Green (1830).

PITT'S HEAD, Bethnal Green.-Circa 1820-1840.

BEN JONSON, Stepney.-Circa 1832.

GREEN DRAGON, Stepney (1830).

GOLDEN EAGLE TAVERN, Mile End Road.-Circa 1827.

LUSBY'S PLEASURE-GARDENS, Mile End Road.-Now Paragon Theatre of Varieties, 95, Mile End Road (circa 1874-1877)

NEW VICTORIA GARDENS, Mile End.-The Victoria Tavern, No.110, Grove Road, Arbery Road, and Medhurst Road, mark the site (circa 1840-1850).

RED COW, Dalston.-Circa 1801-1847.


For VAUXHALL GARDENS (circa 1661-1859), CUMBERLAND GARDENS, etc., see London Pleasure-Gardens, Group VI. 

OLD KING'S ARMS, Southwark.- Now No. 68, Surrey Row - formerly Melancholy Walk (before 1852). (See Rendle and Norman, Old Inns Of Southwark.)

THE HORNS, Kennington. - Now No. 214, Kennington Park Road. Gardens circa 1800-1824.

THE BEEHIVE, Walworth.-See supra, p. 81

VICTORIA (or ROYAL VICTORIA) GARDENS, Vauxhall - Separated from Vauxhall Gardens by Miller's Lane (now St. Oswald's Place). Tate Street and part of Neville Street on site. Bounded on east by Vauxhall Street (circa 18 37-1840).

GREEN GATE, Lambeth.-Now 114, Ethelred Street (circa 1710-1893).

CAMBERWELL GROVE HOUSE.-End of eighteenth century to circa 1846.

NINE ELMS TAVERN.- Now  33, Nine Elms Lane, S.W. The garden site now occupied by the wharf of John Bryan and Co, (circa 1840).

SPRINGFIELD WATERCRESS AND PLEASURE-GROUNDS.-Near the Stag Turnpike, Wandsworth Road (circa 1860). Fetes, with dancing and illuminations.

JAMICA HOUSE, Bermondsey.-At the end of Cherry Garden Street, south of the Jamaica Road. Visited by Pepys, 1667. Gardens existed till circa 1858.

CHERRY GARDENS, Rotherhithe. - Part of Cherry Garden Street now on the site. There is a Cherry-Tree public-house, No. 50, in that street. Visited by Pepys, 1664. Gardens existed till circa 1846.

Mention must also be made of a few other nineteenth-century gardens which, though not in London, were a good deal frequented by Londoners

ROSHERVILLE GARDENS, Gravesend.-Established 1837, and still in existence.

THE NORTH WOOLWICH GARDENS (1851 to circa 1883).- Now represented by the Pavilion Hotel and the Royal Victoria Gardens, a public recreation-ground (Sexby's Municipal Parks, p. 457).

BEULAH SPA (circa 1831-1854), with its archery and entertainments of the fancy fair kind, the site now partly occupied by the Beulah Spa 'Hydro' and its grounds.

ANERLEY GARDENS.-Near the station, Anerley (circa 1841-1868).  (Thorne's Environs, s.v. Anerley; Walford, Old and New London, vi. 314.)

KING'S ARMS, Pimlico.-Now No. 68, Ranelagh Road. The gardens were near the river, between Claverton Street and Ranelagh Road (circa 1820-1850).

NEW RANELAGH GARDENS, Pimlico. - See supra, p. 28. 

THE GUN, Pimlico.-The Buckingham Palace Hotel on part of the site (circa 1830-1857).

THE MONSTER, St. George's Row, Pimlico.-Now 2 Sutherland Terrace (circa 1820-1830 and later).

THE FLASK, Ebury Square. - See supra, p. 29.

ORANGE TEA-GARDENS, Pimlico (with amateur theatre).-St. Barnabas' Schools in Church Street, Pimlico Road, on site (circa 1830-1845). These gardens were not identical (as incorrectly stated in London Pleasure-Gardens, p. 219) with those of Strombolo House, which is still standing, and now numbered 77 and 79, Pimlico Road.

UNION TEA-GARDENS-NOW No.11, Pimlico Road, at the corner of Ranelagh Grove (circa 1802-1846).


BOTT's ARCHERY TAVERN, Bayswater Road.- Now No. 4, Bathurst Street. Bathurst Street is on the site of the bowling-green (circa 1834-1839).

PRINCESS ROYAL, Bayswater.-See supra, p. 38.

NEW BAGNIGGE WELLS (or CROWN' GARDENS), Bayswater Road. - Now Crown Hotel (circa 1819-1840).

BAYSWATER TEA-GARDENS, Lancaster Gate.-Circa 1790-1854. (See London Pleasure-Gardens, p. 117.)

THE MAZE, Harrow Road-Now No. 6, Chichester Place, Harrow Road (circa 1842).

RANELAGH GARDENS, Paddington.-Circa 1846.


THE PLOUGH, Notting Hill. - Now No. 144, High Street, Notting Hill (circa 1834). 

YORKSHIRE STINGO, Marylebone Road.-Circa 1770-1848. (See, London Pleasure-Gardens, p. 115.)

Warwick Wroth, Cremorne and the later London Gardens, 1907