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THE LONDON PAVILION - The amusements provided for the Christmas holidays have been attended with extraordinary success. Crowded nightly, the greatest delight being evinced by the visitors. Mr. George Hudson, the inimitable delineator of Irish life and character. Messrs. Wood and Son will also contribute to the amusement, introducing in their negro entertainment a peculiar terpsichorean invention, designated the Bull's Run Jig. The programme also comprises selections from the most popular operas, the astonishing feats of the Elliott family, and the extraordinary daring of J.Henderson a la Blondin on the flying wire, the greatest wonder of the day; with a variety of other novelties. The London Pavilion, Tichborne-street, top of the Haymarket. Open at 7. Admission 6d. and 1s. Six bowling alleys open daily at 12. Russell Grover, Musical Director. - E. LOIBL and C.SONHAMMER, Proprietors.

The Times, January 2, 1862