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LOVE'S POLYPHONIC ENTERTAINMENT - Mr. Love, the Ventriloquist, gives a very curious entertainment alternately during the week at the Argyll Rooms and the City of London Tavern. He personates a great number of characters with a humour and truth little inferior to Matthews. The rapidity with which he changes his dress and appearance is particularly remarkable, nor are his sketches too lengthy or too improbable to deteriorate from their vraisemblance or tire his auditors. His ventriloquial powers are of the first order. He keeps up an amusing dialogue with several persons supposed to be stationed in opposite directions, and intersperses his performance with imitations of a dog, the buzzing of a bee, and various other sounds, such as that produced by the sawing of wood and the frying of an omelette. These imitations, though by no means novel, having been displayed some years ago by that prince of ventriloquists, M. Alexandre, are yet sufficiently curious to repay the trouble of a vist. The ladies especially can hardly refuse to obey "Love's call."

Cleave's Penny Gazette of Variety, 7 April 1838