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On Thursday evening we visited, at a private view, Mr. Stocqueler's " New Scenes of Life in India," as a sequel to "the Overland Route," of which this gentleman was lately the expositor. This new Oriental Diorama, as it is called, is to be exhibited at Willis's Rooms, King-street, St. James's, and consists of 24 brilliantly coloured pictures, which succeed vertically through a golden frame, and present the spectator with an interesting series of views, commencing with Calcutta, the Hooghly, the planter's bungalow and drawing-room. These are followed by more exciting scenes, descriptive of tiger-hunting; after which the supposed traveller is invited to repose under the banyan-tree. Other wild sports are also depicted, such as hog-hunting in the Deccan, and the charge of the boar. There are likewise a few of the scenes which are of rare merit, such as the Taj, at Agra, and the procession of the Great Mogul, and several views of Bombay and Madras. These different illustrations of Oriental places and people are accompanied with explanations by Mr. Stocqueler, who delivers himself in a free and easy manner. It. will be perceived that the series is confined to the most familiar Oriental views; and, though the figures might occasionally be improved, the painting is on the whole, respectable in point of art, and constitutes an agreeable means of conveying information.

Illustrated London News, November 23, 1850