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In May 1832 Mrs. Fitzwilliam of the Adelphi and W.H.Williams, the comic actor and singer, tried their hands, and reopened the Panarmonion theatre as the 'Royal Clarence,' decorating it in the style of a Chinese pavilion. . . . it often changed its name - being called, for instance, the Cabinet, and, in its latest days, the King's Cross Theatre . . . At last, early in 1897, Messrs. Reggiori, the proprietors of the neighbouring restaurant (Nos.1 and 3, Euston Road) took the little theatre bodily into their premises, of which it now forms an additional dining-saloon. The old entrance-front (in Liverpool Street) has been smartened up with stucco and stained glass windows.

Warwick Wroth, Cremorne and the later London Gardens, 1907