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We have a new exhibition at Cremorne called the "Stereorama" which is utterly distinct from all the members of its large family. In the circumstance that Messrs. Grieve and Telbin have executed a number of beautiful Swiss views, from sketches taken on the spot by the latter, there is nothing new, as the fame of these artists has long been established and they were recently associated with all the brilliant "revivals" of Mr. Charles Kean. But the principle on which the views are not only exhibition but constructed is altogether novel. They are ranged round a platform, from which the spectator contemplates them as would one of Mr. Burford's panoramas, but instead of being painted on a flat surface, they are literally built after the fashion of an elaborate "set" scene at a theatre, while large portions of them are actually solid, and effects of real water on a grand scale are introduced.

Times, August 13, 1860