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WEIPPERT'S SOIREES DANSANTES, Princess's Concert Rooms - Six Subscription Nights - Mondays, October 5, October 19, November 2, November 16, November 30, and December 14. Terms for the series two guineas, with privilege of introducing a lady; non subscribers 7s. each. The band, augmented since last season by members of the Philharmonic, Ancient Concerts, and state balls and Almack's. Conductor, Mr. Weippert; leader, Signor Zerbini; M.C., Mr. Corrie. Doors open at 9; commence at half past. Tickets, &c., at Weippert's Quadrille Office, 21, Soho-square.

advertisement from The Times, September 30, 1846

To shout "Pol-kar!" after the manner of Mr. Frere, the M.C. of the Portland Rooms, was in those days a very humorous performance. More aristocratic, but nothing like so popular, was "Weippert's," a weekly réunion held at the Princess's Concert-rooms, at the back of the Princess's Theatre, where dancing was carried on from late till early hours, to the music of Weippert's at that time celebrated band.

Edmund Yates, His Recollections and Experiences, 1885
[chapter on 1847-1852]